…Or The Back Button! Which Is It?

Actually if you are still reading then there’s a good chance you will soon discover how to get your boyfriend back.

Most girls, and I really mean most girls, will sit and bitch about how they’ve been dumped and it’s killing them. They say they wanna get their boyfriend back but fail to get off their butt and do anything about it.

I’ve got news for them, their guy is gonna wander off with some hot new chick and be lost for ever. Probably sooner rather than later as well.

Fact is, it doesn’t have to be like that. If you are willing to do just a little work and spend just a few bucks you can have in your hand some dynamite information.

A true blueprint to get your boyfriend back. You won’t be asking yourself “how do I get my boyfriend back”, you’ll have the tools in your hand to actually get him back.

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It’s a strange old world we live in when the majority of the population can be controlled like sheep. The government does it; the ad agencies do it every day. Jeez your employer probably does it as well. Subtle manipulation to control other people, but not as hard as you think.

The blueprint I mentioned has a really great chapter on psychological mind games. And you can use these to swing the situation with your ex in your favour. Quite easily as well!

Take the employee of the month thing. What’s the prize? If you’re lucky you get your name on a plaque. What’s the pay-off for the employer? He gets most of his staff working that extra bit to try and win that shiny plaque. That is classic psychological manipulation.

And the best is, there’s a whole load of tips and tricks like this you can use on your ex to help get him back.

Of course, if you’ve been a bad girl and really hurt him you might have a slightly more difficult job winning him back. Still not impossible though.

Here’s a little psychological trick to try. Although if you don’t have a proper game plan to follow up you may as well not bother with it. But here goes…

Curiosity and pride are two huge factors in people’s lives, especially guys! And these two things will make people do things. So you get your ex boyfriend to call you back by using both his pride and curiosity against him. Well, not against him, but for your benefit.

You send him a letter, handwritten. People love handwritten letters, makes ‘em feel special. In it you write how you have been thinking about the breakup and you’d like to thank him for making you see sense (in the breakup). You go on to say you’ve got some good stuff going on right now and you are ok.

First he reads the thank you bit, his pride kicks in. Everyone likes praise. He then reads the bit about the good stuff going on and you are ok. This is where his curiosity kicks in. If he’s like most people he will call to collect his thanks in person and more importantly to find out what you are up to.

People can’t help it, they get curios and have to know. So when he calls you are ready to strike up a conversation and hit him with the rest of your weaponry. All plain sailing from here on in.

I used this trick to great effect. In fact my ex ex (can you have an ex ex?) still actually thinks they made the first move to get us back together. I won’t tell otherwise though.

So get yourself to this page and read the reviews of the top few systems to get your guy back. And let me know how you get on!