… I hear you, here’s one possible solution.

Whatever your reasons for wanting your ex back, you may simply still love your ex or you may be filled with dread at the thought of starting the dating game all over again. You need to do something fast to get that “I want my ex back” noise bang bang banging around in your head, OUT of your head.

Waiting around at this point won’t do you any good at all. First off the “I want my ex back” torture in your head won’t get any easier, it’ll get worse with time. Secondly you need to act fast before your ex partner starts over with someone else and your chance may be blown.

I want my ex back video

I don’t know at what stage your split is currently at, but I assume from the page title “I want my ex back” that first, you have an ex, so it’s gone far enough to split, and second, you want them back so you aren’t together as a couple any longer.

I hope you haven’t been doing any of the usual stuff like begging and pleading with your ex ‘coz they will simply hate that all the more. Even worse if you’ve been drunk dialling that could be a real killer.

At this stage you need to get back in contact, and friendly contact if at all possible. And there’s a slightly sneaky way to achieve this. Send your ex a nice handwritten letter. Yes a letter.

A handwritten letter will make them curious as soon as they see it. The contents are designed to make them get in touch with you.

Enough enough you say, I want my ex back, what do I write?

Without going into too much detail you need to tell them that you’d like to thank them in person if they’d mind getting in touch with you. Now, this raises their curiosity and their pride.

We all like to be thanked and praised; this is where our pride kicks in. Secondly the curiosity kicks in and they start to think “why”.

You can’t just make this stuff up and expect them to call you. You need a proper reason to thank them, one that won’t sound like a load of bull. But what better reason than you’ve seen the light, the split was the right thing to do and you are thankful now that your head is clear and you are thinking straight.

Something along those lines will do the job.

Here’s a little tip, when they call, have some stuff ready in the background. Get their favourite song going in the background but loud enough for them to hear down the phone. This triggers a psychological response and they start to remember good times and to associate you with their favourite song.

This opening move won’t do the job on its own though, you need to get a full on gameplan going if you want to banish that “I want my ex back” torture and replace it with “I got my ex back”.

Check out the video above for a few more moves to help you along the way.

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