…. You Need To Ignore Him, But Just For While!


I know it sounds crazy but it aint really. If you are in the middle of a breakup and you want him back, then the last thing he wants to see is a whiney needy ex, constantly pestering him.

We are all, and I mean all, vain to a certain extent. Your ex boyfriend will be expecting you to crawl back to him in some way. It’s usually what most people do. This time though you do the exact opposite, you ignore him to get him back.

He will be wondering why he’s not heard from you. So much so that his mind will wander and he’ll start to think of you with someone else. This is great for you because there’s a good chance he may get in touch with you.

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While this is a good tip, it’s not your only weapon in your battle to get your boyfriend back. Not by a long shot.

Going one step further you can actively go out with friends or even better, male friends. Believe me it won’t take long for word to filter back to your ex boyfriend that you are out & about enjoying yourself.

When he hears this he won’t be able to help himself from feeling a tinge of jealousy. This will also help you loads in your plan to get your boyfriend back.

These tips alone won’t bring your ex boyfriend back but they can be part of your overall strategy to get him back

You need a guaranteed “get your boyfriend back” system.

Trying to get your boyfriend back without some form of plan is just going to fall flat. You need a step by step system to follow to almost guarantee you get your boyfriend back.

There’s a few stages to go through when you get dumped, but understand them and work your plan and you’ll succeed in getting your boyfriend back where countless other gals will simply fail.

Strangely there’s a few systems written by people who’ve been dumped and gotten back together. Their ideas and methods have gone on to help countless others get their ex’s back.

When I first came across these systems I thought they were just a load of bull, I mean come on, a book about getting back together.

Well, needless to say I changed my tune when I put it into action and got my ex back. Took me about 6 or 7 weeks to get back together with my ex. I loved the bonus “psychological mind games” part.

The one I used has also worked it’s magic on about twevle thousand other people and I can say hand on heart it worked very well for me, so it should work for you to get him back. You simply have to want him back bad enough to actually do something about it.

Sadly most girls will freeze at this point and do nothing about it. Life is short girl, it’s not a dress rehearsal. Go out and get your boyfriend back.

Good luck with whatever you do, let me know how you get on