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Author: James Nelmondo

How To Text An Ex Boyfriend After No Contact

  The goal of going no contact is usually two-fold: You reduce supply and consequently hope to increase demand and you use the silence as a way of clearing your head and healing. It goes without saying that these are the chief aims, but silence can lead to many different outcomes. If you burnt your bridges abruptly then the ensuing emptiness can lead to resentment, particularly if an ex still had something to say. Or perhaps your ex simply used the silence to move on and grant themselves closure. Now that you’re planning on re-emerging from the shadows, all...

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7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Seeing Someone Else

No matter how slick or sneaky your boyfriend thinks he is, seeing someone else without arousing suspicion is a game that is doomed to fail. At some point, he will either tire of the charade, or he will be caught. And if you’re here, reading this, chances are you already have your suspicions. He gets defensive needlessly Nothing spells guilt like uncharacteristic caginess. Unprovoked guilty behavior is not necessarily a guarantee that your boyfriend is going to dump you, but it is nevertheless a sign something needs to come out into the light. He pays more attention than usual...

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Simple Steps To Win Your Ex Back That Actually Work

The problem with schemes involving reconciliation is that they over-complicate a situation that is in dire need of clarity. In general, if something becomes confusing to the point that it becomes draining, it is cast aside in frustration — regardless of the underlying intent. If you’ve been told that winning your ex back involves acting, manipulation or reverse psychology, chances are you are shooting yourself in the foot. Even if you aren’t quite as transparent as you think you are, erecting a house of cards means that one wrong move and it comes crumbling down. Forget the mind games;...

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